A Bald man who knows how to play with Google!

Google = Hitchhiker’s guide to “Your Search”

So as of now, you read my articles on startups and entrepreneurship but this blog is for the person who makes the money by manipulation google search. Search anything related to digital marketing and SEO you’ll get his work on many well-known magazines like ‘Entrepreneur’, ‘INC’, ‘Forbes’ and more.

Neil Patel

The question is How?

Neil Patel is well respected in the blogosphere and as an entrepreneur, co-founder of Kissmetrics. Despite this, he uses some tactics that on the surface seem like ‘hard-selling’.

For example — using a single-page long format with numerous ‘call-to-action’ buttons, for his Quicksprout traffic system. This is the page format that is the preferred scamming method of all kinds of ‘do-it-yourself’ training packages and coaching systems, most of which deliver little value.

Then there are his “special offers” and numerous “act now” calls to action, as with his personal mentoring offer — “only one spot left!” These seem like high-volume low-yield tactics for a self-described SEO and marketing expert.

We thought Email Marketing old stuff but what’ll you do if someone sends you an email to get a favour.

One of my favourite tactics to get users is this now. By reading his mail or his article you will this that he is literally talking to as a giving personal mentorship. I’ve learned so many things and still learning about digital marketing and blog writing.

To all the new bloggers or content writers, this is one of my favourite article from NEIL which you can also “Guide to Blogging”.

About his language and way of explanation. I had my schooling in Gujarati Medium I can speak and read in English sometimes I can also write in English. But when it comes to understanding the new stuff or concepts like SEO, Keyword Marketing, Google Analytics with high-level English words, it took time and effort for me to understand.

There is where NIEL PATEL’s blog makes the difference between my kind of people. He always uses the simple wording and explains with so many screenshots. Yes, his posts are very long but have the best-explained concepts.

Also, he is very clear with what he is writing. He’ll never write or teach regarding startups or entrepreneurship or other political stuff. People know him as a Digital Marketing Guy. Not as a blog writer. He made a clear understating of his own branding in the user’s mind.

Quote from Niel Patel’s Blog

So, in conclusion, you will get success if you have patience and work consistently. If you like this article do share it with your friends and fans. Hit the “Heart” button.

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